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Safeguarding is how organisations - such as the NHS or social care providers and commissioners - protect the rights of individuals to live free of abuse and neglect. Some adults with care and support needs may not be able to protect themselves. Adult safeguarding is the action taken to stop or prevent abuse and neglect.

Abuse and neglect can take many forms, from physical violence such as hitting, slapping or kicking to financial abuse or modern slavery. For more information on the types of abuse, please visit the categories of abuse section of our website.

If you have any concerns about a person that might be experiencing any type of abuse or neglect, you can report this through the Thurrock First phone line: 01375 511000

You can also seek advice by emailing Thurrock Council’s Safeguarding Adults Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NHS Thurrock CCG is committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of adults. We work with our partner organisations, including Thurrock Council and Essex Police, to ensure that all commissioned services have effective safeguarding arrangements in place.

Prevent terrorism

Prevent is about safeguarding and supporting those vulnerable to radicalisation. Groomers of all kinds prey on feelings of stress and isolation to exploit vulnerable individuals, both online and offline. The below video from the Home Office provides an introduction to how Prevent works.

Thurrock CCG adult safeguarding policies

The CCG’s policies and procedures are designed to protect adults from abuse or breaches of their rights. We consider anyone over 18, who is unable to take care of themselves – either because of mental or physical disability, age or illness – as being more at risk.

Our policies and procedures have been developed in line with national and local guidance, we monitor all services which we commission to ensure that they are compliant with adult safeguarding procedures and training requirements. The Thurrock CCG Safeguarding Adults Policy can be downloaded below:

pdf Safeguarding Adults - May 2017 (216 KB)

The CCG has also developed a PREVENT policy and has provided training for clinical staff within primary care in order to help identify and safeguard those who could be vulnerable to radicalisation. See the policy below:

pdf Prevent Policy - May 2017 (353 KB)

Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board

Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency partnership or organisations that work together to prevent abuse and neglect. The Board engages with other organisations in Thurrock to ensure that we all work well together in order to prevent abuse or respond swiftly and proportionately when abuse does occur. The Care Act 2014 requires every Local Authority to set up a Safeguarding Adults Board. In Thurrock, the Board is made up of Thurrock Council, Essex Police, NHS Thurrock CCG as well as other local groups. 

The Board’s vision is that people are able to live a life free from harm within a community that has a culture of not tolerating abuse. The ultimate aim is to create an environment where people can work together to prevent abuse or, when abuse does occur, to know what action to take.

For more information, visit the Board's website: 

Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) Policy

Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board is responsible for arranging and conducting Safeguarding Adults Reviews. These reviews are undertaken in cases of abuse and neglect when a vulnerable adult has died or may have died if not for intervention. The SAR Policy sets out how the Board will meet its statutory obligations and how individuals and organisations can request a SAR. The policy can be downloaded below:

pdf Safeguarding Adult Review Policy - November 2018 (618 KB)

SET Adult Safeguarding Guidelines

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the Southend, Essex & Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Adults Boards all work together to develop and revise guidelines on how concerns about adults at risk can be managed. 

Thurrock CCG's safeguarding policies incorporate guidelines for professionals set out in the joint guidelines produced by the SET boards. These guidelines are available on the Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board website. You can also download them by clicking the links below:

SET Safeguarding Adults Guidelines

Other Guidance


Reporting a concern for professionals

If you are a professional, paid worker or volunteer who has concerns for a person that may be experiencing abuse or neglect, you can report a concern by completing a SETSAF1 form or by calling 01375 511000. To download a SETSAF1 form, visit the Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board website.

You can also contact Thurrock Council’s Safeguarding Adults Team for more information and advice: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Modern Slavery and Trafficking Statement

The CCG has developed robust Safeguarding Policies in line with national and local guidance.

These policies have been approved by the CCG Governing Body and shared with local safeguarding boards and partnerships. Integral to these policies is the requirement to protect the public from all types of abuse, including modern slavery, by working in collaboration with its providers and statutory partners.

The CCG in line with due diligence and best practice, only commission/procure services from reputable sources and these processes are subject to thorough assessment and monitoring in line with national standards.

The CCG will continue to monitor all commissioned provider services to ensure that there is full compliance with the national requirement of the Act and their compliance with the mandatory safeguarding staff training. This will provide assurances that their staff are alert to and know how to report, of all types of abuse.

See here for further information:

pdf Modern Slavery Statement 2022 (105 KB)

Essex Guidance

The Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Adults Boards have produced a guidance document on modern slavery for anyone who is working with adults with care and support needs:

pdf Modern Slavery Guidance - November 2018 (210 KB)

Local Authorities Modern Slavery Protocol

The Human Trafficking Foundation and the London Working Group have together produced several resources to help local authorities improve their response to human trafficking and modern slavery. These resources can be downloaded below:

pdf Local Authorities Referral Pathway for Adult Victims of Modern Slavery (443 KB)

pdf Statutory Duties and Powers - Local Authorities Modern Slavery Protocol - adults (580 KB)

pdf Identification - Local Authorities Modern Slavery Protocol - adults (590 KB)

pdf NRM Process - Local Authorities Modern Slavery Protocol - adults (741 KB)

Stalking support - Suzy Lamplugh Trust National

National Stalking Helpline

Stalking behaviour is often part of domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women and girls, and around half of all recognised stalking cases are perpetrated by an ex-partner. Unfortunately, in many cases survivors are being stalked – especially after separating – but it is not necessarily being named as such by the authorities, and so they are not being afforded the legal protection they deserve. 

 If you are worried about being stalked, contacted the National Stalking Helpline on: 

Telephone: 0808 802 0300 
Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4pm (except Wednesday 1pm to 4pm)

Download these helpful guides:

pdf Suzie Lamplugh Trust Lone Working booklet - March 2018 (2.67 MB)

pdf Suzy Lamplugh Trust Personal Safety at Work - March 2018 (2.61 MB)