Could a nurse be just the ticket?

Sometimes you don’t need to see a doctor, a practice nurse could be just the right person to help you with your health issue. Nurses at the Thurrock Health Hubs can offer:

• Smear tests
• Child immunisations
• Travel health
• Family planning (contraceptive advice)
• Change of dressings
• Injections (such as Vitamin B12)
• NHS Health Checks – At Neera Medical Centre (Corringham)

You could meet a nurse like Tracy, a practice nurse from Neera Medical Centre 

Tracy hub nurse Tracy has been nursing for 28 years, starting in hospitals and midwifery, and has now worked as a practice nurse for the last 14 years. Tracy works at the hubs offering out of hours care, she said:

“I really like health promotion and looking after the whole family, seeing people through their health concerns. If I can help a patient get over their fears, particularly with smear tests, then they won’t avoid their health checks again. It’s great to be able to offer care outside normal working hours, people can book their appointments with me up to week in advance so there’s plenty of time to book in your health checks and vaccinations.”
Or you could meet Claire:

“I have always enjoyed my nursing career which spans over 18 years, both in the hospital and community setting. I enjoy working at the Health Hubs as it gives me the opportunity to use all my fundamental nursing skills, whilst meeting new people in a relaxed environment. Supporting the Health Hubs gives me the opportunity to address other issues that the individuals might have and allows them the time to ask questions that they might not otherwise feel they can in a regular GP appointment. Those that work traditional office hours can really benefit from access to good quality, approachable health care that’s local to them.”
claire hub nurse

Nurses are there for every day health issues and giving advice on family planning or helping dress wounds. As part of their working life, nurses must go on continuing professional development courses to ensure they are up to date with all the latest health advice and guidance.

Want to become a practice nurse in Thurrock? Find out more on our Career in General Practice page

Book an appointment at one of our Health Hubs through contacting your GP practice (the practice you are registered with).