The future of Health and care in Tilbury

In a drive to bring better healthcare to Tilbury, the Council, NHS England, Healthwatch and ourselves have been working on solutions to provide the best possible service for Tilbury residents.

As part of our joint plan to improve care, we have announced the development of a new Integrated Medical Centres across Thurrock including in Tilbury, which is set to open in 2021.

To develop a new centre that best fits the needs of Tilbury residents, representatives from our organisations have met local people at an event held in Tilbury. Our plans were shared with the attendees who then had an opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the new centres and health care in general in Tilbury.

Below we have gathered together some of the questions put to our panel as well as the responses from panel members. The first set of questions deals with the Health Hubs and the practical concerns of the new Integrated Medical Centre. The second set further down deals with the services that will be offered by the centre and how the facility will be staffed.

To explore the Q&A, simply hover the cursor over the images and click on the arrows.


You can also download a PDF version of the Q&A