Orsett Minor Injuries Unit

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
With the current Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s important to keep 2 metres away from each other. If you are attending the Minor Injuries Unit, please try to come unaccompanied to reduce the number of people waiting in the department.

Orsett Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) treat minor injuries that do not need a visit to A&E.

The unit is managed by nurses and is available to everyone. Patients do not need an appointment. There is currently a GP available 7 days a week at the MIU; see below for more details. see below on how to contact the unit:

Orsett MIU

Orsett Hospital
Rowley Road
Orsett, Grays
RM16 3EU

0300 300 1527

Opening times

Open 10am to 7.30pm, seven days a week - except for the last Thursday of every month when it closes at 6.00pm. (Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day)


Some of the minor injuries that can be treated include:

  • Uncomplicated fractures
  • Insect and animal bites
  • Minor cuts and bruises
  • Minor burns and scalds
  • Firework injuries
  • Minor head injuries
  • Closure of lacerations by suturing, stapling and gluing
  • Foregin bodies i.e. in ears, nose or piercing skin
  • Eye injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Emergency contraception (for teenagers and special circumstances)


at Orsett MIU is open Monday to Friday until 5pm. The staff at MIU will only order X-ray for patients for shoulder to the fingers and the knee to toes only (Orsett MIU does not x-ray backs, necks, and heads/faces).

Patients are advised to attend as early as possible as x-rays cannot be guaranteed due to waiting times.

Staff do not X-ray children under seven years of age due to the complexity of interpreting their results.

GP service in MIU

Orsett MIU GP service poster Jan 2020

There is a GP available at the Minor Injuries Unit  for urgent health problems for Thurrock patients only. Appointments can be booked by calling the MIU number. Appointments are for urgent care and not for routine care. Call beforehand to check appointment availability.

The GP in Orsett Service will continue until further notice. The service times are as follows:

Mon to Fri: 11am to 6pm
Sat and Sun: 2 hour clinics, the times vary; call the MIU for the times that day.