New glucose monitoring system

Flash Glucose Monitoring is now available to some Diabetes patients in Thurrock.

Flash Glucose Monitoring measures glucose levels using a sensor on the upper arm rather than a finger prick test. NHS England issued national guidance in March 2019 on what diabetes patients would have access to funded Flash Glucose Monitoring.

The NHS in mid and south Essex has reviewed its local policy to take into account the newest guidance. If you are already under the care of the specialist diabetes team, they will discuss your eligibility at your next routine review.

Freestyle Libre, the only glucose monitoring system currently supported by the NHS, is restricted to diabetes patients who have been deemed to meet a number of criteria by a specialist diabetes clinician. If you are not under the care of the diabetes specialist team but you clearly meet those strict criteria (see the local policy), you will need to ask to be referred to the specialist team for assessment, and you will be seen at the next available routine appointment.

Patients who want to use (or continue using) FreeStyle Libre® but who do not meet the criteria for an NHS-funded system can buy it directly from the manufacturer by visiting or telephoning 0800 170 1177.

More information is provided in Frequently Asked Questions