Shared Lives care service in Thurrock

The shared lives service cares for vulnerable people in a home environment and within the local community.

ategi shared lives


The shared lives scheme in Thurrock arranges accommodation and support for vulnerable adults in the homes of carefully chosen people living in the community.

What makes the shared lives scheme different is that people in need of extra support are matched with their carers and family and live in the carer’s home. These carers are known as Shared Lives Carers and are recruited, trained, checked and supported by ategi, the new provider of the service in Thurrock.

The service suits adults who need support in their day-to-day lives and who choose to have that care in a home setting. They could be people that need constant support or people that just need to know someone is around. They could be an older person, someone with mental illness, someone with physical or learning disabilities, someone with a brain injury or someone with a history of substance misuse.

You can find out more about the service by downloading the shared lives scheme brochure:

pdf ategi Shared Lives Scheme Thurrock Brochure - June 2017 (1.89 MB)

You can also contact ategi using the details below:

ategi - Shared Lives Scheme
Thames Enterprise Centre, Building 13,
Thames Industrial Park, East Tilbury, Essex, RM18 8RH
t: 01375 802050
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