Important: Heatwave advice

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The NHS in Thurrock is urging people to look after themselves, act responsibility and use NHS services sensibly, during the heatwave this week: please think twice before heading to A&E or calling 999 when it’s not an emergency.

Here are some top tips to keep well during the heatwave:

  • If you need urgent medical care when your GP surgery is closed, call NHS 111 and they will make sure you receive the advice and care you need
  • Keep hydrated – if you’re feeling thirsty, lightheaded, dizzy or tired, you may be dehydrated. Make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic cold drinks available and drink enough so that your pee is a pale clear colour. For more on Dehydration:
  • Take early action – seek advice from your local pharmacy if you have a long term health condition and are starting to feel unwell before it gets more serious. Further advice can be found at:
  • Use Emergency Services wisely – please only call 999 when it’s a serious injury or a life threatening situation such as unconsciousness, heavy loss of blood, severe chest pain or stroke
  • Drink alcohol sensibly – intersperse your alcoholic drinks with water and stick to safe levels

If you're planning to go out and enjoy the fine weather, makesure you take these simple measures to keep you and your family safe and prepared during the hot and sunny weather. Don’t forget NHS 111 can organise an out of hour GP appointment when needed.

For more on staying well during hot weather, visit:

Thurrock CCG rated as ‘Good’ in CCG Assessment and Assessment of Public Participation

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Thurrock CCG’s has been rated as ‘Good’ in an annual assessment conducted by NHS England.

NHS England’s Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) is conducted annually to assess the overall performance of CCGs including in leadership and financial management.

The Assessment builds on the IAF introduced in April 2016, which replaced both the existing CCG assurance framework and CCG performance dashboard, and was designed to provide a greater focus on assisting improvement, alongside NHSE’s statutory assessment function.

To review the list of CCGs and their grades, click the link below:
CCG Annual Assessment 2017/18

In addition, the CCG is also proud to have achieved a ‘Green’ rating for its public participation and involvement (PPI) work. The review of CCG’s statutory duty to involve the public in decision making was first carried out in 2017, using a web based research method. The CCG has received 11 points out of 15.

Mandy Ansell, Accountable Officer at Thurrock CCG said:
“We have worked tirelessly improve our processes and governance. This means we can be effective in ensuring we are able to commission the best possible health and care services for the people of Thurrock.

“We are also proud of our track record on public engagement and involvement. With our Lay Member for PPI and our work with our partners in Healthwatch Thurrock and the voluntary sector we have been able to include patients in the shaping of local services.”

For more detailed information on the data for all CGGs, including Thurrock, visit the My NHS website

CCGs in mid and south Essex agree proposals for hospital changes

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The five clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in mid and south Essex have given the go ahead for plans to secure the future of health and care services.

The plans are a result of two years of detailed work undertaken by clinical teams across health and care organisations to improve the services provided to the 1.2 million people living in mid and south Essex, and follows the outcome of a 16 week public consultation.

Decision Making Business Case ahead of Joint Committee

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Decision-Making Business Case (DMBC)

The Joint Committee of mid and south Essex Clinical Commissioning Groups is meeting on 6 July 2018 and will make decisions on proposed changes to some hospital services, as set out in the STP public consultation Your Care in the Best Place. The proposed service changes would be across the three acute hospitals in mid and south Essex - Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

These proposals would consolidate and strengthen specialist clinical teams to improve patient outcomes, quality of care and provide quicker access to services. The CCG Joint Committee will be reviewing the decision-making business case (DMBC) to make decisions, and this document includes:

•        The outcome of the public consultation

•        The second stage review of proposals by the East of England Clinical Senate

•        The equality and health inequality impact assessment of the proposed changes

•        The quality impact assessment

•         Data protection impact assessment

•        The impact of the above on the original proposals put forward in the consultation document.

The DMBC is available for download here.

NHS at 70 Thurrock CCG Staff Memories

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Jane Richards, Lead Nurse, Quality and Patient Safety Team remembers her early days in nursing, here she shares her class of 1991 picture (Jane is bottom left). She said:

"One thing I'll always remember is hospital corners. The beds had to be made with sharp turned down corners, no creases allowed!"

 For more information, photos and memories, visit:

Join us on 12 July at 10am for a Big7Tea at The Community House, Seabrooke Rise, Thurrock. Tea, cake and memories and a chance to see what's available for families in Thurrock.