Capturing the next generation of radiologists

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Patients will experience better service from Basildon University Hospital’s imaging department thanks to our new intake of radiology registrars.

Since the beginning of August there have been five new registrars in the Trust, who have chosen to specialise in radiology, meaning a better service for patients with more radiologists available on a 24/7 basis.

NHS launches posters for young people

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The NHS Youth Forum have developed a series of posters for young people. The posters focus on young people’s right to consent, their right to complain and their right to comment and give feedback on the services that they receive. These are all an important part of the NHS listening to and working with young people in order to provide the best care possible.

The posters come with an overarching leaflet that gives more information about each topic. The leaflet is also available in audio and easy read formats. Please feel free to download this material and share widely.

Click here to read more and download the posters

0-5 health responsibility transfers to council

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From October Thurrock Council – like other top tier councils across the country – will be taking over responsibility for young children’s health.

Two years ago when primary care trusts were dissolved most Public Health responsibilities transferred to councils and on 1 October the 0- to 5-year-old will transfer too. On Wednesday (9 September) the council’s cabinet discussed the move.

Cllr Barbara Rice, the portfolio holder for health, introduced the report and said: “I believe this addition to our Public Health contracts will go a long way to addressing some of the health inequalities that are quite stark in some of the wards in Thurrock.

Adult care consultation launched

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Adult Social Care in Thurrock is having to change and the council is launching a consultation on its proposals to make savings in its budget in the next financial year.

And as from Monday (14 September) the views of local people and service users is being sought about the latest plans.

The proposals centre around four areas: day care for older people and the Carers’ Service; charges for adult social care services; equipment and adaptations costing less than £50; and provision of Extra Care Housing.

A Charter for Older People

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Two of Thurrock’s leading councillors for adult social care have literally put their names to supporting a series of values and standards for older people.

Cllr Barbara Rice, portfolio holder for adult social care and health, and Cllr James Halden – the shadow cabinet member – both signed the Older People’s Charter, developed with The Older People’s parliament, Thurrock Cover Fifties Forum (TOFF) and through sheltered housing complexes.

Other signatories were Gerry Calder of TOFF and Glynis Pettit from Futures East, members of the age action alliance whose annual general meeting was held on Tuesday (8 September) at The Beehive Grays.

The charter has 10 declarations which the council pledges to improve the quality of life of older people.