Maternity tweetathon at hospital

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Basildon Hospital has successfully run a campaign on Twitter, revealing the behind-the-scenes action in a maternity department.

Social media users were treated to a unique insight into the inner working of the maternity department during Basildon University Hospital's most recent tweetathon. It took place on Tuesday 28 April, between 8am and 5.30pm, with staff tweeting regular updates about events and facts and figures within the department.

The event allowed the public a glimpse of the work going on every day, behind-the-scenes in the hospital's maternity department, which was the first in the country to receive an 'outstanding' rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Jennie Ponting, head of midwifery, said: "We were really pleased with how the day went. It was nice to see so many kind comments on social media about our services and great to answer people's questions directly, in real time. The aim of the day was to raise awareness and build confidence in our services and we hope we gave people a better understanding of the work we do here."