Don’t Let the Flu Be Your Festive Grinch this Christmas

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the festive season is always busy with plans and meeting family. There’s always lists of things to do. But don’t let your Flu Vaccine drop off the list.


Flu vaccines, are a major defence in helping people with conditions like Asthma, Heart Disease and Diabetes, to stay well during winter. The CCG is working with Thurrock Council Public Health team, our GPs and providers to ensure that our residents get protected from flu before it’s too late!

Last year Thurrock’s eligible population were under vaccinated, putting them at risk of serious health problems due to the flu. Flu can even be fatal. This year is no different with just over 47% of the eligible population having their vaccine.

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Dr Deshpande, GP in Thurrock and Chair at NHS Thurrock CCG said: "We know that for some there has been a slight delay in getting vaccines but we are now fully stocked and are able to help you get your vaccine.
“Vaccinations are free, relatively quick and painless and can prevent serious health complications. We are particularly making a plea for pregnant women, children aged 2-3 years and carers, as take up is low in these categories.”

A myth buster document is also available to view to allay any fears that might be preventing people from getting their flu jab. For example, for adults the vaccine does not give you flu, in fact experiencing a few light symptoms means the vaccine is doing its job!

If you care for someone who is in a vulnerable group you should be getting your flu vaccine. And remember, children are more likely to pass on to older relatives making it especially important for younger children to get their vaccine. Vaccines can also be accessed through your local pharmacy.

If you have been offered the flu vaccine by your GP, it’s because you need it, so make sure you take up the offer.