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Tweetchat to discuss teamwork in the NHS gets thousands of replies.

The Tweetchat was held to get an idea of what NHS staff think good teamwork looks like and what sometimes gets in the way of achieving it. Prerana Issar, Chief People Officer NHS, and Navina Evans hosted the first Making the NHS the best place to work tweetchat, supported by NHS Horizons.

From the wealth of conversations, questions and ideas that emerged it was clear to see how enthusiastic and passionate people are about working in our NHS. This was probably the biggest NHS tweetchat to date, with over 2,400 people engaging and sharing their thoughts.

Of the 5,581 tweets that were generated by the tweetchat, over 800 ideas emerged which will feed into the core offer for NHS staff. Here are the top ten themes that emerged:

  • our shared NHS purpose
  • flexible working practices
  • being valued
  • personal, professional and team development
  • leadership
  • getting basic things right for wellbeing
  • diversity and inclusion
  • innovation/ new ways of thinking and doing things
  • give power to NHS employees (build our agency)
  • recruitment and retention.

If you missed the first tweetchat, there are still opportunities to share your views in our two upcoming sessions.

Save the date:

Monday 12 August, 7pm — what can we do to improve how people in the NHS work in teams?

Monday 9 September, 7pm — what do people who work in the NHS need from their leaders?