Primary Care Delegation

Thurrock CCG became delegated commissioners of primary care services from NHS England as of 01 April 2021.

The change to delegated commissioning in Thurrock means that decisions about comissioning in primary care will be made more locally. To reflect this change in the CCG's function, an updated Thurrock CCG Constitution has been published setting out these changes:

Thurrock CCG Constitution - March 2021

As part of this new way of working, Thurrock CCG has set up a Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) which is a sub-committee of our Governing Body. For more information about the committee, visit the Primary Care Commissioning Committee meetings page.

Waste Not, Want Not introduction

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Every year, £2.5 million worth of medication is never used in the Thurrock and Basildon areas. This could pay for 3,125 cataract operations, 395 hip replacements or 100 more community nurses.

To cut down medication waste in our areas, Thurrock CCG and Basildon and Brentwood CCG have teamed up to launch the Waste Not, Want Not campaign with the aim to help save the NHS in south west Essex millions of pounds.

The campaign will address the different issues patients, GPs, pharmacists, care homes and carers face when trying to make the best use of medicines. Hear more about our campaign and it's aims from the Head of Medicine Management, Denise Rabette:

Few patients realise that once medication has been returned to a pharmacy, even if the package has never been open, it must be destroyed. Therefore, people are being asked to check their medicines bag at the pharmacy and only take home what they need.

For more information on arranging a Medicines Use Review with a local pharmacist in order to discuss your medication, visit our What is a Medicines Use Review? page.

You can also find out more about medicine waste in England on our Facts and Statistics page, or help us spread the world by downloading and sharing our campaign resources.