Complaints during Coronavirus outbreak

For the duration of the effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, complaints across Basildon & Brentwood, Castle Point & Rochford, Southend and Thurrock will be managed centrally from NHS Thurrock CCG.

This is primarily because the NHS is currently re-deploying all possible resources to focus on the fight against Covid19 coronavirus so the most effective way to deal with complaints with limited capacity is to centralise the service.

Our usual complaint response timescales have been removed due to the current circumstances.  We apologise for the pause in this service but would ask you to understand that at this challenging time we have to support our frontline staff as effectively as possible.

All complaints will be logged, but we are unable to take any action at this time in most cases. However, please be assured that we continue to act upon any issue of patient safety or safeguarding raised in a complaint.  

Once the crisis is over we will contact each complainant and address any concerns through our normal processes.

If you have immediate concerns around care and treatment provided you should raise these directly with the provider of the service.

If you require any information on COVID-19, we urge you to follow the latest advice given by the Government on coronavirus which is available on line at

We appreciate your understanding and patience at this challenging time.