Who are the Medicines Management team?

Find out more about Medicine Management is and how the team helps support health professionals in Thurrock.

What is Medicines Management?

Medicines management is an evidence-based approach to prescribing which balances the safety, tolerability, effectiveness and cost of treatments. The aim of the medicines management team is to ensure that our patients receive better, safer and more convenient care.

Medicines management includes:

  • Giving unbiased information about medicines and treatments and where they should be used in care pathways
  • Supporting practitioners and patients to make best use of medicines
  • Minimising the harm caused by medicines
  • Developing local guidelines to optimise the management of conditions
  • Working with service providers (including hospitals, community teams, hospitals, hospices, mental health, community pharmacists and GP practices) to provide safe and effective access to medicines from the most appropriate service.
  • Encouraging appropriate use of antimicrobials to reduce the risk of resistance.
  • Advising on the use of new drugs and new research.

Who are the Medicines Management team?

The team is made up of Pharmacists, a Pharmacy Technician, a Dietician and support and analytical staff all based at Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group. The team also provides support to Basildon and Brentwood CCG.

We aim to improve the health of the population in Thurrock CCG and Basildon and Brentwood CCG by promoting the safe, cost-effective and evidence based use of medicines.

All our guidelines, policies and position statements related to medicines, as well as updated information on products that are out of stock are available on the CCG websites:

Unfortunately we are not able to advise individual patients on their medicines as we do not have any access to patient records. Decisions about prescribing are complex and need to be considered carefully and based on each individual patient’s circumstances. If patients’ do have queries about their medicines we would recommend that they speak to their prescriber in the first instance. Many practices now have a pharmacist that may also be able to offer help and advice as they will have access to records. Community Pharmacists are also ideally placed to advise patients on how to get the most from their medicines.