360º stakeholder survey

Every year, NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) takes part in the 360º survey to gauge the strength of our working partnerships.

Thurrock CCG works with a range of partners in order to deliver the best possible services to Thurrock residents. To work effectively together, it’s important to have strong relationships that promote the sharing of information and views.

The 360° stakeholder survey is one way that the strength of these relationships can be measured. The data is collected by Ipsos Mori - an independent research company - and the results are then used to guide the CCG’s organisational development, enabling us to continue to build strong relationships with our partners.

To view the survey reports click the links below:

pdf Thurrock CCG 360° Report - 2018 (1.05 MB)
pdf Thurrock CCG 360° Report - 2017 (1.79 MB)
pdf Thurrock CCG 360° report - 2016 (1.82 MB)
pdf Thurrock CCG 360° Report - 2015 (2.40 MB)
pdf Thurrock CCG 360° Summary Report - 2014 (495 KB)