Weight management

There are a number of weight management services and courses in Thurrock to help people take countrol of their weight and live healthier lives. 

A brief description of each service is given below. You can visit each of their websites to find out more about their services and to find contact details. 

Programme Name Website/Contact details Brief Description of Programme Location
KSL www.kimsynclairlimited.co.uk This is a psychological service for participants who have underlying problems, targeting emotional, physical and nutritional issues around weight gain and provides an additional resource for a more rounded approach to weight management. Ideally this service would be accessed before attending weight loss programmes or in addition to these. Grays
TC4H- Trevor Rawson www.tc4hessex.co.uk This is a Weight loss programme for all adults with a BMI over 30+ and includes weekly session of 60-90 minutes which includes moderate activity, classroom based health education and weekly body Composition measurement. Thurrock Wide
north 51 Thurrock Healthy Lifestyle Service This is a free 12-week weight loss programme for adults with a BMI between 30 and 39.  Thurrock Wide
Nutrition Advice for Health www.nafhealth.org This is a weight loss programme for adults with a BMI+30 open to all and with an emphasis on BME groups. Personalized weight loss plans with regular weekly weight in and support sessions incorporating nutritional education and portion control. Thurrock wide
MoreLife www.more-life.co.uk This is a weight management and health improvement services with programmes for individuals, families, local communities and within workplaces. It is there to support those who struggle with their weight and to help them better their lives by making small, achievable changes. Thurrock wide

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