Primary Care in Thurrock - a public engagement event

The health and care landscape in Essex is changing. The CCG is working with partners to transform people’s experience of health and care across the county, ensuring they get better access and quality of care. As part of its commitment to engage with the local population, and following on from our last big public engagement event on primary care in Thurrock last April (read the report here), Thurrock CCG organised ‘Primary Care in Thurrock’ – a public engagement event 2015.

Primary care is the frontline of the NHS and consists of GP practices, dental practices, community pharmacies and optician services. It is also the most common place for patients’ interaction with the NHS. There are more than 360 million consultations each year with GPs alone.

Primary Care Engagement event

The event took place on Wednesday 11 February 2015 and more than 80 people, including residents, representatives from local organisations and GPs, attended the event at Orsett Hall (see pictures below).

The event, which was led by two of our local GPs – Dr Raja and Dr Grewal, was aimed at gathering views and opinions concerning the future of primary care in Thurrock. There were presentations on the current landscape of health and care as well as the proposals for change. Afterwards, attendees were invited to engage in lively discussions on these proposed changes.

The day also featured a presentation and group discussion on the future of the walk-in service. Thurrock CCG is currently holding a consultation on proposed plans to close the walk-in service at Thurrock Health Centre (2 February to 24 March 2015).

Read more about the walk-in service consultation

The day proved a complete success, with a wealth of feedback and responses gathered by all those involved. All the views and feedback will be considered in the decision-making processes and will help to shape the services provided to the local area.

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