New pilot for mental health support for people with long-term health conditions

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New pilot bringing mental health therapies to people with long-term conditions comes to Thurrock.

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Thurrock is one of 16 areas nationally that has been awarded funding for a second stage pilot on Increasing Access to Psychological Therepies (IAPT) for people with long-term health conditions.

The plans are for seven therapists to be brought in by the end of the year to support initially, people living with diabetes who have been identified as most in need of support. If successful, the pilot will be extended to other long-term health conditions like, COPD and heart disease.

Paul Evans, Regional Lead, (Inclusion) East of England said:
“The first wave of IAPT has been really successful and we are hoping that if we help a person to overcome mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, they will be better able to manage their condition. Living with a long term condition like diabetes, can be difficult for people to manage, both physically and mentally. We hope this pilot will prove that looking after the mind will improve a person’s physical health outcomes too.”

By the end of 2020/21 over 1.5 million people with common mental health problems each year will access psychological therapies. People with common mental health problems often also have physical long term conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. When mental and physical health problems are treated in an integrated way people can achieve better outcomes.

Claire Murdoch, National Mental Health Director, NHS England said:
“Mental health issues affect thousands of adults every day. This funding is for new integrated services, which specifically help patients with a long term condition alongside anxiety or depression, or a medically unexplained symptom,

“The plans for integrated talking therapies are ambitious: we aim to see 200,000 patients each year with the help of 1,500 new practitioners in primary care by March 2019.

“This new wave of funding is just one of the ways we are reaching the targets we set out in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health. It’s also really good news, improving care in 40 CCGs including Thurrock CCG and right across England.”

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