Breck's Last Game - major new grooming awareness project launches

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Essex Police launched a YouTube video to support all agencies in helping children and young people to recognise forms of online grooming. 

A major new project aimed at helping to protect boys from online grooming has been launched in Essex.

Breck’s Last Game is a film based on the real-life murder of 14 year-old Breck Bednar in Grays in February 2014 by Lewis Daynes.

The film, which will be rolled out in secondary schools across the county, highlights the risks of grooming to teenage boys and asks the question ‘Do you know who your online friends really are?’

Daynes ran an online server where Breck, and several of his friends, played games online and it was through this forum that Daynes groomed Breck over 13 months – telling him a series of lies, turning him against family and friends, and eventually luring him to his flat on the promise of handing over a fake business.

Through the use of avatars, the film captures the events leading up to Breck’s death and also features the real 999 call made to police by Daynes.

The project is the work of an innovative collaboration between four police forces – Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Essex and Surrey – and has been made with the active support of Breck’s mother Lorin LaFave, who appears in the film as herself.

If you are worried about your child or children you work with please visit our Safeguarding Children page for advice on where to report your concerns to.


Freestyle Libre on prescription

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Freestyle Libre, the glucose monitoring system, is to be made available to some Type 1 Diabetes patients across Mid and South Essex.

In March 2019, NHS England issued national guidance for funding of Flash Glucose Monitoring (using a sensor on the upper arm rather than finger prick test) for relevant diabetes patients. As a result, the NHS in mid and south Essex has reviewed local policy. If you are already under the care of the specialist diabetes team, they will discuss your eligibility at your next routine review.

If you meet the criteria you will receive FreeStyle Libre® funded by the NHS. If you are not under the care of the diabetes specialist team but you clearly meet those strict criteria, you will need to ask to be referred to the specialist team for assessment, and you will be seen at the next available routine appointment.

Patients who want to use (or continue using) FreeStyle Libre® but who do not meet the criteria for an NHS-funded system can buy it directly from the manufacturer by visiting or telephoning 0800 170 1177.

More information is provided in Frequently Asked Questions.

Infant feeding survey for parents in Thurrock

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New survey wants to hear Thurrock parents’ experiences of breastfeeding.

breastfeed or bottlefeed web

We all have ideas on what we think is best, but too often find that our real world, everyday experiences make it difficult to achieve our preferred choices. The same is true for mothers of babies and toddlers when choosing breastfeeding.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 of women want to breastfeed but many find it difficult to do so. To better understand the experiences of women in Thurrock, Thurrock Council is conducting a survey on infant feeding.

You can choose to just take part in a short poll, or if you wish, you can complete a longer survey which should only take a few minutes. As a thank you for completing the full survey, you can claim a £10 e-gift card.

Conducted by Upshot Marketing on behalf of Thurrock Council, the survey looks into where you get your information about infant feeding from and how health professionals could help improve support for mums on breastfeeding.

If you’re a mum with a baby or toddler, an expectant mother, or a partner, the Council would like to hear from you. Click the link below to complete the survey:

Thurrock infant feeding poll and survey 

It’s Diabetes Prevention Week – know your risk and prevent diabetes

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This Diabetes Prevention Week (1-7 April) is a great opportunity to look in to reducing your risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing concern in the UK. Diabetes can have a significant impact on your quality of life. In Thurrock, around 5000 people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes - a largely preventable disease. Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working closely with GP practices in Thurrock to ensure that the most at risk patients are invited to join the new programme.

As well as potentially leading to periods of illness and ill health, diabetes needs to be considered for many everyday things beyond just what you eat such as driving, insurance, employment, travelling, even pregnancy.

Healthier You: The NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) started in 2016 with the specific task of helping at risk people reduce their chances of developing the disease.

Those referred to the nine-month programme will receive personalised help to reduce their risk, including education on healthy eating and lifestyle, help to lose weight and bespoke physical exercise programmes.

Participants receive support to change their lifestyle in a friendly and supportive group environment, facilitated by specialist staff trained in behaviour change and diabetes prevention and recruited from the local community.

Kehinde Adeniji, Senior Commissioning Manager – Planned and Unplanned Care at Thurrock CCG said:

“We are keen to support people who may be diagnosed as pre-diabetic or been told they are at risk of developing diabetes. Prevention is the message for Diabetes Prevention Week, we are encouraging people to find out their risk and then take up the support available for you. People who have been on the programme have told us what a difference it has made to their wellbeing. Don’t delay, use this week as your motivator for change.”

Find out your risk of Type 2 diabetes by using the Diabetes UK Know Your Risk Score at 

If you have been told you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, are registered at a GP practice in Essex and haven’t already been referred to the programme, you can ask your GP, nurse or NHS Health Check professional to refer you.

You can also register for the programme online by visiting the Healthier You: DPP website. Please note: you will need a letter from your GP that confirms you are at risk of type 2 diabetes and are able to register for the programme. You will need the following information contained in the letter to complete the registration process:

  • Your NHS number
  • Your latest HbA1c or FPG reading, including the date
  • Your GP surgery name

For Thurrock in Thurrock Spring 2019 issue out now!

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For Thurrock front cover spring 2019

Find out the latest news and updates on our plans to radically change health and social care services in Thurrock in our latest edition of For Thurrock in Thurrock.

Public involvement is vital to all the decisions we make around health and care in Thurrock. That’s why Thurrock CCG, Thurrock Council, Healthwatch Thurrock, Thurrock CVS and Stronger Together Thurrock work together to produce regular updates through our For Thurrock in Thurrock newsletter.

The latest issue of our newsletter features:

  • A look back at the accomplishments of For Thurrock in Thurrock so far. Our timeline looks at the successes we have achieved in reshaping health and care services to better fit the needs of Thurrock residents while also bringing services back into the community and closer to where people live;
  • The latest issue also includes an update on how Social Prescribing can help people that have care needs that are not directly related to ill health; and
  • A summary of a recent examination of oral health in Thurrock conducted by Healthwatch Thurrock.

For more on these and other stories, download a copy of our newsletter by clicking the link below. Please feel free to share this link with friends, family and colleagues. We hope you enjoy reading it!

For Thurrock in Thurrock newsletter Issue 9 – Spring 2019

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